Daymate is the app for daily structure. No todo lists, but handy icons. No agenda, but a clear summary of what to do.

Daymate is for everyone who sometimes experiences a lack of structure or overview in their day.

For caregivers, Daymate is an excellent tool with which you can offer clients more structure and support.

Daymate was created by Script, experts in the field of autism.

daymate helps

daymate is for everyone

I use daymate when coaching my clients. By using the app smartly, they always have an overview of their weekly and daily structure. Every week I receive a handy overview by e-mail with the activities performed.

We discuss these activities together during our weekly coaching sessions.

personal coach

The daymate app works on the basis of icons. Add activities at the touch of a button and break them down into smaller steps. That way you don’t overlook anything.

With daymate you can choose to share a summary of your week with a supervisor or parent. This way, someone can look at you without it costing you any extra effort. You can also call a preset contact with the app.

Indicate how smoothly it went for each activity. With emoticons you indicate how you felt. Good to see you back.

daymate helps

daymate is for everyone

I have trouble structuring my day. Daymate notifies me as soon as something is planned for me. When I’m done with my activity, I report how it went. My supervisor receives a weekly overview of how it went. Handy, because then we can talk about it properly.


how daymate works

With the daymate app you can easily and quickly create a handy overview of what you have to do and when. Not in the form of a traditional todo list, but with the help of clear icons.

Daymate offers structure in your day and peace of mind. Pick a day, pick a time, pick an icon and create the activity, daymate does the rest. You will get a reminder when the activity starts. Then you can also let others know how the activity went.

Daymate is the new version of AssistHelpt. Based on the extensive feedback from 3000 users, we have added new functionality such as the stimulus meter and being able to call a contact.

who is daymate for

Daymate was initially developed for people with an autism spectrum syndrome (ASD) and still helps them to learn a day structure. The target audience is now much broader. Many more people are discovering that it is useful to be reminded of your weekly activities at fixed times.

for whom

  • (Young) adults
  • Elderly (with dementia)
  • Students
  • People with ASD
  • People receiving special care
  • Parents of large families

daymate is…

  • Easy to use
  • Clear and calm design
  • Useful and clear icons
  • Clear notifications for activities

why was daymate initiated

DayMate was originally developed for people with ASD, ADD and ADHD. Or actually; DayMate was developed for Vincent. By his mother. People with ASD (autism spectrum syndrome) often have difficulty following structures per day or per week. And that can cause friction and frustration. This is also the case between Annemiek and her son Vincent. The paper charts and lists didn’t do what they should do for Vincent. That is why Annemiek came up with an app that works entirely around activities, depicted in icons. The design is deliberately quiet and without noise to offer as little distraction as possible. In addition, the app can be linked to a parent or guardian. This way Vincent can keep Annemiek informed of which activities have been completed and even let you know how it went. Signing up once is enough. So low-key.